Accounting Service

Accounting Service

Accountant will be selected base on experience, speciality that matched with the kind of enterprise of your Company. The selection of accountant take part in implementing services will be evaluated base on work amount, time to finish the work and qualitiy, experience of accountants, AM Accounting guarantee that we will use the most suitable employees to execute services for Customers, with the best qualities

  • Setting up account system, accounting books, ledger system related to financial-accounting work for company following to Viet Nam accounting standard
  • Consulting company on tax, accounting policies, establishing calculation and accounting method for kinds of cost with the best efficiency
  • Annual tax settlement: CIT, PIT, forming annual financial report
  • Recording accounting books
  • Transacting directly with Financial-Tax Authority to analyse and answer every matter related to tax, accounting and financial activities of company
  • Providing legal texts, documents on tax, accounting following customer’s request

Accounting System

Accounting procedure with more and more complex structures requires company to have a suitable accounting system to satisfy that complex.
We will help you to analyse and determine your requests to improve the accounting system correctly and efficiently.

Accounting Consulting

Finance industry is facing with domestic and foreign regulations more and more complicated. So, our duty is to help our customer to understand and use those lastest policies and regulations correctly and appropriately.

Accounting Support Service

We provide accounting services: Setting up manual accounting system and automatic accounting.
Making statement and Account settlement of receiving.

Service Progress

Detailed plan about specific time will be discussed with your Company when we are selected as the Supplier of accounting services; we will implement the overall plan in accordance with commitments stated as above, unless there is unusual objective factor affect the discussion between two parties or we are not received the support from staffs of departments related to accounting service activities.

Working Devices

Accountants devices are included new generation laptops from major brands such as Samsung, DELL, HP, VAIO, Toshiba … using AMnote accounting software; photocopy machine and hi-speed printer are able to operate with high intensity work.