Accounting – specializing in accounting- consultant services – always accompanies and developes with you.


Since AM Accounting established in 2012, we have provided many plentiful services to many clients doing business in Vietnam such as establishment and liquidation of corporation, bookkeeping, auditing, tax consultancy, tax settlement, tax refunding, administration work, personnel management, health insurance, labors, salary … etc…, and we are willing to accompany with your companies in supporting, consulting some issues in order to we can build and develope our companies steadily and strongly.

There are over 80 staffs who have many experiences and proficient knowledges in our company. They are willing to meet requirements of your companies base on each different characteristic of each company in Viet Nam market. Base on this understanding, we provide the best solutions for accounting, taxation and legal affairs. They are not only simple one-time solutions but also fundamental solutions for future which we have chosen carefully for each customer.

AM Accounting plays a neccessary role not only as a partner in managing companies but also as a expert in accounting for companies in order to we are together with your companies develope strongly and enhance trust in local and oversea markets.

We will do our best to be deserved with our clients’ trust. Success of your company is our happiness.

Thank you and best regards.


Representative of AM Accounting

Koo Jin Young