Law Consulting Services

Law Consulting Services

We assist our clients in establishing business systems in Vietnam, helping clients step by step to process business and solve problems. To succeed in this field, we focus on the following services with a global network.

Monthly Tax Consulting Service

With this tax consulting service, clients will be provided unlimited service without request for paying other fee or negotiate. Depending on experience and ability of company executives, we will offer tax consulting service with a fixed fee that suits companies’ conditions.

Foreign Investment Consultancy

We provide services relating to the issuance of investment registration certificates of newly established foreign enterprises or the amendment of investment registration certificates of operating foreign enterprises.

Our services are diverse, including:
Consulting for enterprises based on investment policies of government
Consulting for establishing enterprises which have foreign invested capital:

  • Apply for Investment registration certificate, project registration of investors in Vietnam ( IRC)
  • Explaining, reporting progress of projects
  • Amending and supplementing invested projects
  • Meeting, contacting and working with Departments of invested management

Consulting for establishing local enterprises (Joint Stock Company / One Member Limited Company / Two Member Limited Company):

  • Apply for Enterprise registration certificate (ERC)
  • Editing, supplementing information of enterprises
  • Adding more business items
  • Apply for issuing company seal, registrating seal and information of enterprises on the National Portal

Establishing branches and representative offices of foreign companies, expanding the business scope of foreign companies
Apply for issuing Trading license of conditional businesses
Apply for issuing copyright certificate, trademark, exclusiveness of brands

Residence Registration

AM Accounting supports overseas Vietnamese and foreign investors in long-term residence registration in Vietnam. The foreigners who temporarily resides for one year or more is issued a temporary residence card by the immigration office of the Ministry of Public Security. Temporary residence card is valid for 1 year to 5 years. Person who is carrying temporary residence card shall be exempt visa upon exit or entry within the card validation (Clause 3, Article 15 of the Ordinance on Entry, Exit and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam).

This standard is also applied for the overseas Vietnamese that are bearing foreign passports.

Moreover, AM Accounting can apply for temporary residence card in the following cases:

  • The applicant for temporary residence card is the manager of representative office
  • Get a temporary residence card for the relatives of the person who already have had a temporary residence card

Labor Consulting:
  • Consulting some issues related to labors and wages
  • Consulting for making labor reports
  • Apply for issuing work permit for foreigners
  • Apply for issuing exemption of work permit for foreigners
  • Registrating for temporary staying, apply for issuing temporary residence card
  • Apply for Criminal record in Viet Nam for foreigners
  • Other issues related to labor, social insurance

Trademark, label, barcode registration

Trademark, label, barcode registration is very important in production. This is the legal basis for determining the owner right of the trademark, logo, label or product. When company registers a trademark, label or barcode, it will avoid competitors copying or faking products, thereby protecting the company, increasing its competitive position.

The trademark is the first-known factor and helps to confirm the existence of the brand. All success in branding is closely related to the trademark. For that reason, naming a brand is one of the most important and difficult decisions for founding a brand.

Coming along with the trademark is the right to protect the company trademark, thus the registration of trademark protection is certainly necessary. It is the basis for an organization or individual to authorize the trademark ownership, thereby establishing the trademark ownership of the business.