In order to improve the vigilance of the people, in the past time, the tax industry has continuously actively propagated and issued warnings about the impersonation of tax officials and tax authorities to commit acts of defrauding taxpayers, especially in the peak month of tax finalization

Prevent early, remotely

The General Department of Taxation continues to warn about acts of defrauding taxpayers, in which the main trick of the subjects is to fake tax officers to call, text, make friends with Zalo, provide links and guide taxpayers to settle taxes, guide to install fake software applications of tax authorities, in order to steal personal information, bank account information for purpose of appropriating property.

Every citizen needs to raise their sense of vigilance

The General Department of Taxation noted that the most important thing is that each citizen needs to increase their vigilance and caution in the face of situations, when receiving phone calls suspected of being fake, they need to stay calm before the information. Taxpayers shout not rush to provide personal information via phone or email, do not follow instructions for installing fake applications, links and need to immediately notify the local police agency for support and advice.

There are even people who pretend to be authorities who send fake VNeID public service links for people to access integrated with advertisements as ‘integration of citizen identification and tax code’ or instructions on how to adjust information on the VNeID application, then send a fake VNeID repair public service link and then take control of the phone and get all the money from the bank account…

To help taxpayers avoid online fraud, especially during the time of tax finalization, the General Department of Taxation recommends that in the cases of receiving messages, conversation on social networking platforms and calls with signs of fraud, taxpayers need to save evidence such as messages or call recordings, reflect to telecommunications businesses managing subscribers to request processing, and provide evidence available to the authorities of the Ministry of Public Security and the nearest tax agency propose to handle the wrongdoing of the subjects in accordance with the law.

‘The Tax industry has been actively coordinating with functional forces to fiercely fight, detect and handle these offenders’ – The General Department of Taxation affirmed.

Tax authorities actively propagate and warn

Sharing about propaganda and warning of fraudulent behaviour of taxpayers, Mr. Luu Duc Sau – Deputy Director of Da Nang City Tax Department said that it is to carry out propaganda to support taxpayers on collecting and paying license fees in 2024; standardizing personal tax code data and online tax fraud warning information.

The Tax Department requests the regional and district tax departments to organize propaganda from the end of December 2023 and the beginning of 2024 the contents on license fees, standardization of personal tax code data and online tax fraud warning information to taxpayers in the management area. Depending on the actual conditions of each area, the tax departments have had an appropriate form of propaganda, such as coordinating with People’s Committees of districts, wards and communes to organize propaganda vehicles and broadcast on radio channels.

At the same time, the Tax Department has posted information in Da Nang newspapers, Da Nang Police, and coordinated with the City Department of Information and Communications to disseminate information. Along with that, send content about online scams to taxpayers via email.

Mr. Sau said that at the Office of the Tax Department, as well as the tax departments, they have received a lot of feedback from people about the behavior and tricks of many people impersonating tax agencies and tax officials to cheat such as: Calling themselves as civil servants of the Tax Department, the tax department to request taxpayers to bring their citizen identification, business registration certificates, business licenses… to the tax office to be extended taxes, carry out procedures for exemption, reduction and tax incentives.

According to Mr. Bui Duc Thanh – Deputy Director of Hai Duong Tax Department, in the peak month of tax finalization, taxpayers have many activities related to tax authorities. Therefore, bad subjects have taken advantage of this time to commit many acts of fraud and profiteering, leaving many people trapped.

Faced with the above situation, the Hai Duong Tax Department has actively posted a warning article on the Facebook page, Zalo, Website of the Tax Department so that taxpayers and people can avoid it. Along with that, the Tax Department recommends that when receiving messages, taxpayers need to carefully check the content, do not rush to reply or follow the instructions in the message. Taxpayers should also note that the official website of the tax authority uses the ‘https’ protocol and the Vietnamese national domain name ‘.vn’. Taxpayers when receiving the above calls need to contact the tax office directly through the official channel to be supported to avoid being taken advantage of by crooks.