Tax Service

Tax Service

Tax is a basic indicator showing the performance and development of a business. Tax policy should be set up and managed strictly by the Tax Authority as well as the business itself.

From the company perspective, tax administration must always be the top priority, as regulations become more and more complex. Accordingly, our job is to help our clients setting up appropriate tax policies and tax procedures to determine their responsibilities and opportunities. Since then, business executives will be assured that their business tax system is being tightly controlled and in line with business needs.

As we have had experience in providing accounting services (tax report) for years and many Korean and Vietnamese companies are using our service, customers have been trusted and rated the monthly accounting service which is provided by AM Accounting as a package service for optimal benefits and savings for the enterprises.

We can consult clients on the latest tax policies of the Vietnamese tax system to help customers finding the most effective way to restructure their companies, making it suitable for the business environment in Vietnam.

Monthly Tax Report

  • Compose and submit monthly tax report and statistic, quarterly report to tax office
  • Explain to tax office on behalf of company
  • Consult on issues relating to tax documents

Tax Report Service Package

  • Compose monthly VAT declarations on the basis of legitimate, regular and legal invoices by AMnote software
  • Compose quarterly Company Income and Personal Income tax declarations
  • Prepare and submit documents, records required by tax office
  • Report on the use of invoices, purchase – sell receipts; balance purchase – sell receipts
  • Sort, arrange and collate all receipts by month
  • Notify company of the amount of payable VAT in the period
  • Balance, check purchase – sell receipts and invoices
  • Complete and print accounting books in accordance with current regulations
  • Appoint staff to work directly with tax office
  • Advise regularly on issues relating to tax and other relevant issues
  • Make and submit tax finalization, financial statement, year-end statistic report to functional departments
  • Register documents for new year